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The 23rd Settled Pastor of Windham Hill United Church of Christ
is Rev. Sally Colegrove.

She exness was called to be pastor and teacher in September of 2003. She grew up in Connecticut, attended the University of Connecticut, graduating with a BA in English in 1975. She earned her Master of Divinity degree at Yale University Divinity School and was ordained in 1983.

Date Posted: Feb 27, 2011
Love Never Ends

Dear Friends,

As I am writing exness reviews this column Jodi is putting the finishing touches on our Annual Report in The Windham Hill Carillon from 189 members to 200 members - after cleaning our lists of those who have become inactive! Most churches are shrinking. Windham Hill is growing because of the love we share. It is apparent to all who come that there is a special quality of family, of faith, and of love in this place. That is all thanks to each and every one of you.

"Love hopes all things" - There are hopes for the future expressed on every page of the An- nual Report. We are a hopeful church, looking preparation for the Annuatlh Meeting which will take place on January 30 . To ready the report for printing I did a final proof-reading of it from cover to cover. If you have not yet read the report I heartily recommend it. This year, in par- ticular, it is a wonderful compendium of memo- ries of the year just past. As I read it I kept reflecting on a passage from scripture: "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends."
(I Corinthians 13: 7 - 8)

That may seem like a exness .com strange passage to relate to a report. It is one which is often used for a wedding, sometimes for a memorial service, or is a text for preaching. But our year in 2010 was one of great love and so the passage was most appropriate:

"Love bears all things" - It was not an easy year for Windham Hill, as we said goodbye to a number of old friends, with some moving to be in warmer climates, some moving to be near family, and the loss of a few members and friends who passed on into God's care. But with love we supported one another and closed ranks to continue to do the work of being our little church on the hill. We could bear the losses because we are grounded in the love of God, brought to us by Jesus Christ.

"Love believes all things" - We did the unbelievable in 2010 because we did believe that anything was possible. From fund raisers to membership growth we exceeded the possible and met with success. As we look at the statis- tics for 2010 we see a picture of church growth ahead with vision, challenging ourselves to new
programs, new curriculum for our children, new travel opportunities, new fund raising initiatives. We look to a bright future and have leaders who dare to dream of the possibilities in the years ahead. From maintenance reports to the nominating process to the moderator's report the signs of hope are engaging.

"Love endures all things" - Our church is 267 years young! No matter what history has thrown in our direction, from wars and depression to the days when it was necessary to be part of the wider parish due to lack of members and clergy, we have endured. There is a strength to Windham Hill United Church of Christ that is borne in the love conveyed by the Holy Spirit, a love which binds us together. In the last month we have been given the gift of love as our creative artists have shared their talents with us in the Festival of the Arts. Many thanks to all who participated and to all who were in the congregation to receive these special offerings. Now, as we look into the month of February we encounter the love which is rooted in the African American tradition as we observe Black History Month. Ours is a faithful love which welcomes all who seek to join us, an in- clusive love which opens the door and always leaves a light on.
"Love never ends!"

Grace and Peace,

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