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Windham Hill United Church of Christ is a Five for Five Church.   That exness means that we support five major mission funds through the United Church of Christ. 

They are:

  • One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS)
  • Neighbors in Need  
  • Veterans of The Cross  
  • Strengthen the Church
  • Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM)
These missions are exness register supported through the Board of Missions by the generous donations of church members at special offerings throughout the year.

The Board of Missions at Windham Hill United Church of Christ is focused on three major areas of concern:

The Board of Missions supports the Monday Meal program and prepares at least two meals for this local program during the year.  Windham Hill opens its doors twice a month to Monday Meal goers who enjoy a free meal from participating churches in the program.  Fellowship is an important part of Monday Meals.

In 2009, due to the generous support of Windham Hill members, Missions established the Second Mile Fund to be available for anyone in the exness com church or the community who needs emergency help with heat, transportation or housing.

At both Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Board of Missions works with the local Food Pantry to identify families who are in need.  We put out the word to our church family and, like magic, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners appear and Christmas gifts abound. Board members distribute the food and gifts directly to the homes of the families.

Missions also supports church suppers at Windham Hill and prepares the April supper – a delicious Roast Beef meal that has become a popular offering in the community.


Windham Hill’s Board of Missions gets lots of mail throughout the year asking for support.  We choose several during the year to support in the greater Portland area or in other communities and missions in need within the State of Maine.


Through our Five for Five giving, our outreach program supports many people throughout the United States and the World.  Of great importance to us are our military men and women who are serving in dangerous places throughout the world.  Several times a year, boxes are prepared and sent to those terrific people from our community who serve overseas.  Getting goodies from home is so important to their well-being and we are always aware of their sacrifice.



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