• Typhoon Haiyan

    Typhoon Haiyan

    The United Church of Christ issued an appeal to church members and friends for $250,000 to support Typhoon Haiyan response efforts.

  • A Church of Extravagant Welcome

    A Church of Extravagant Welcome

    No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here — to explore your faith, to meet new people, and to strengthen your personal relationship with God.

  • Changing Lives One at a Time

    Changing Lives One at a Time

    Through countless opportunities, people like you can learn and grow as members of a vital faith community that proclaims its faith in a Stillspeaking God.

  • Live your faith, Love your community, and Heal the world

    Live your faith, Love your community, and Heal the world

    Since 1957, the United Church of Christ has been the church of firsts, weaving God's message of hope and extravagant welcome with action for justice and peace. Together, we live out our faith in ways that effect change in our communities.

  • God is still speaking

    God is still speaking,

    Our faith is 2,000 years old, but our thinking is not. God is still speaking to us, so are you listening?

Drawn together by the Holy Spirit, we are a distinct and diverse community of Christians that come together as one church, joining faith and action. In covenant with the church in all of its settings, we serve God in the co-creation of a just and sustainable world as made manifest in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
"That they may all be one."
John 17:21
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Everybody always talks about how busy they get around Christmastime. You'd think with all those Christians going full steam ahead for a month, the world would take a giant step forward at the end of every year, that the planet would lurch a little closer to Paradise each December.
Quinn G. Caldwell